’14 Girona to St Ives

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Cabin Saturdays



The weekend sure comes around quick. Even better that it’s a bank holiday one too.

If you were to look at my pinterest, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to discover what I like. More than often you’ll find a lot of objects on there such as scandinavian furnishings, a little bit of architecture, graphic design, products and above all materials. One which I particularly enjoy seeing played with and it’s tactile quality is glass. I’ve recently been mesmerised by the scope of products out there that use this material. It’s a strange one as when I was younger it’s what I would relate with over the top fruit bowls and dated ornaments. I have a similar feeling towards pottery and the use of ceramics too. Having never been one to enjoy these at school, it’s something that I think would be really interesting to learn and play with. 

There are some great new ideas I’ve seen simply playing with these materials and how we can shape modern durable objects which people want to use. One which I absolutely adore is Glassware Upcycling by designer Laura Jungmann who collaborated with glassmaker Cornelius Réer to mould new yet charming vessels that people know how to use and sparks different thinking. The idea is so simple. 

The bottle featured in my illustration is one I picked up from John Lewis, I had some good luck with it being in the sale and became the ideal subject for a drawing today. The shape, details and colour are fascinating. For me I enjoy drawing different and challenging things as it keeps you fresh and you can spend hours doing it compared to the usual doodles I create at work. 



 Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 22.20.33

Last month, I popped up to visit the end of the RCA’s summer shows. I had never been before but was admin to go and explore the place having being recommended to it by a friend. I ended up seeing everything that was on offer and trying to take in as much as I could from it all. This proved difficult as of course every project was in it’s own right massive, well researched and experimented with. 

I’ve just rediscovered some notes from my visit – such as which bits kept me engaged the most. First up is ‘Stan‘ a beautifully illustrated and brilliantly communicated story by Sarah Lippett. In fact I finished the whole book there and then. If you go to the ‘Stan’ website you can hear the stories she had been originally told of her Granddad and gives you a little insight into how crazily quick the narrative unfolds. 

Vintage Nostalgia Show

spring 24Just over a month ago, I found a fitting present for my Grandads birthday which ties in a few of our loves: rock’n’roll, motorbikes and camping. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do the actual camping on site at the show but had a proper days worth of exploring the event and getting amongst the dancing, gourmet food and vintage stalls. I had my camera along for the ride and heres what caught our eyes.

spring 23

spring 21

spring 19spring 27spring 22

spring 32 spring 18

Fresh Batch

Bike Shed III 2014, Tobacco Docks


spring 4

One of my favourites from the show, the Honda Superhawk scrambler. This bike was perfect.
spring 8

Bicycle ride to Winchester from Southampton

spring 13

spring 16

spring 11

spring 12
Snooping around the back streets of Winchester, I found some great little gems.

spring 47

Emsworth lunchtime

Polite sign

spring 42

Forgotten pump…

spring 46



I’m gradually getting a bit more time at the weekends to be productive. Other than drawing on the commute to work, using a graphic tablet has been so refreshing and I see it as being a good development for some of my little projects such as the snippet above.