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Last month, I popped up to visit the end of the RCA’s summer shows. I had never been before but was admin to go and explore the place having being recommended to it by a friend. I ended up seeing everything that was on offer and trying to take in as much as I could from it all. This proved difficult as of course every project was in it’s own right massive, well researched and experimented with. 

I’ve just rediscovered some notes from my visit – such as which bits kept me engaged the most. First up is ‘Stan‘ a beautifully illustrated and brilliantly communicated story by Sarah Lippett. In fact I finished the whole book there and then. If you go to the ‘Stan’ website you can hear the stories she had been originally told of her Granddad and gives you a little insight into how crazily quick the narrative unfolds. 

Vintage Nostalgia Show

spring 24Just over a month ago, I found a fitting present for my Grandads birthday which ties in a few of our loves: rock’n’roll, motorbikes and camping. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do the actual camping on site at the show but had a proper days worth of exploring the event and getting amongst the dancing, gourmet food and vintage stalls. I had my camera along for the ride and heres what caught our eyes.

spring 23

spring 21

spring 19spring 27spring 22

spring 32 spring 18

Fresh Batch

Bike Shed III 2014, Tobacco Docks


spring 4

One of my favourites from the show, the Honda Superhawk scrambler. This bike was perfect.
spring 8

Bicycle ride to Winchester from Southampton

spring 13

spring 16

spring 11

spring 12
Snooping around the back streets of Winchester, I found some great little gems.

spring 47

Emsworth lunchtime

Polite sign

spring 42

Forgotten pump…

spring 46



I’m gradually getting a bit more time at the weekends to be productive. Other than drawing on the commute to work, using a graphic tablet has been so refreshing and I see it as being a good development for some of my little projects such as the snippet above. 



After a rainy day of sitting away from the weather in the cabin, I was finally able to complete a proper illustration using my tablet. I’ve had a sketch of this lying around for ages but wanted to take the time to try and do something different with it. I really enjoy the work of Jim Flora, Jack Teagle and Ben Newman but struggle to find my own style when it comes to this sort of thing. Instead I think I’ll try and just experiment with different techniques and forms. 

Rice Puddin’


It’s been great having some money and enough time at the weekends to plan something properly and camping has been just that! It’s the first time since University that myself and my friends are all in full time design jobs so getting together has been fortunate to do so when we’re less busy. The first of our camping trips was a couple of weeks ago where we stayed the bank holiday weekend at Steeple Leaze just over the other side of Swanage. It was my first time camping in ages and showed me alot of what I had been missing – soggy awkward to sleep tents but plenty of log fires! We did some wandering too like over the hill to Kimmeridge Bay and along the shore. It was quite alienated with no real facilities but was a good one to get back in the way of doing something a little different. We used this as a good learning curve for where and what we wanted to do next.


Rice Puddin’ Slop

Over the weekend just gone, we travelled to Croyde and stayed in a charming little campsite called Pure Camping which regulates on a trust basis. Literally we never even met the folk let alone saw who owned the campsite. It was very different to Steeple Leaze, it wasn’t a glamping site or anything, there were facilities this time but it felt a little more remote somehow – not to mention a bit creepy after we stumbled upon a couple of abandoned caravans on one of our wanders. We were a 10 minute drive from the town which kept costs down and the night sleeps were a lot more pleasant this time. It’s surprising to think how a little air mat can lift your sleeping bag from the dampness of the tent. The 1 man / 2 man tents are alot cosier too! 

I won’t dwell on the trip too much but let’s just say it was well worth the sunburn; a result of 6 hours in the water, throwing ourselves at waves and getting a decent surf session in will go down as a factor for any good camping trip.

Get back in the swing of things…



Here’s a sample of what I have been up to recently…taking a hell of a lot of pictures. I’ve finished my last roll of film for the time being, but have some interesting projects in the works such as Aerial’s Upholstery and completing the Pylon (due to be called something different) typeface.

I’ve recently resorted back to drawing the letters by hand and playing with their form on gridded paper. It’s been a lot more productive this way too – managing to squeeze it in when I can on my commute to and from work. Excited to get this finally completed and use in it’s completion. I’ve also updated the site page for the typeface, giving you a sample of how it is constructed.